What Is Coconut Wood Flooring?

Palm Global’s coconut wood flooring is a solid, site-finished hardwood floor, milled from the trunk of the coconut palm tree (Cocos Nucifera).

Our flooring is both beautiful and durable. Its unique qualities include rich colors, infinite patterns, and a complete absence of knotting.

Our planks are completely natural, not engineered or laminated in any way, but they are milled to extremely high standards. Our floors come unfinished (site-finished). This is because site-finishing, although a bit more expensive, allows you to achieve a much higher-quality floor than any pre-finished product. Plus it allows you to finish it with your choice of color and sealant.
Coconut palm flooring is not new, but never before has such a high-quality coconut palm floor been available. Previously available products have either been manufactured (engineered) or have had quality issues after installation.
We have spent years in research and development to perfect our product, to ensure the tightest milling tolerances, the most stable wood, and the most consistent hardness across the floor. You can rest assured that a Palm Global floor will meet your expectations for a high-quality beautiful floor.
With a Janka scale hardness of up to 1600, (harder than Oak or Maple) your beautiful floor will last for many years. And at 15mm (5/8″) thickness, it can be sanded down and refinished many times if you ever choose to.
Contact us to learn more about our quality control process and the benefits of a coconut wood floor.

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